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Pieter Walraven
Pieter WalravenHunter@pieterpaul · Founder & Product @ Pie -
Just got the invite and explored for a bit. Not super impressed TBH. Looks like Outlook with a few more bells & whistles (tasks, chat). There's a mandatory "" email address, not sure why. Overall a bit confused why IBM has decided to jump into the email space. Any IBM peeps on PH working on this? I need answers! :D
Michael Senkow
Michael Senkow@senkowm · Designer/FED, MSFT now, ex IBMer Appler
@pieterpaul @ibmverse It was a bit clunky at first but well we didn't just jump into the email space, Lotus notes has been around for a LOOOOOOng time. Its still not my favorite but I'd much rather use it than Outlook from my past experience.