iAssistant for Instagram

Find your Instagram unfollowers, blockers and much more!

#2 Product of the DayJuly 07, 2019
Get detailed reports about your Instagram followers, see who unfollowed you on Instagram, detect blockers, who is not following you back, see best stories and much more is possible now with iAssistant.
Works 24/7 to serve you the best analysis.
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5 Reviews3.0/5
I downloaded the app and tried to use it for a while. Well, everything seems to work pretty good, but it's quite the same as other similar apps. How are you going to differentiate?
Really nicely designed! Just a quick thing, your 'Monthly' subscription option actually sets a 'weekly' subscription when tapped on. Would definitely fix that before people accidentally sign up!
Being able to detect who has blocked you feels like something that will be abused / used for abuse.
We need iAssist for whatsapp especially whatsapp status views counter even after the status disappears