iA Writer 4

Embed images, tables and text as blocks of content in text

“A clean, simple writing environment…delightful.” – New York Times

iA Writer 4 is a writing tool for the brave, available on the desktop and mobile.

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I hope it's not self-serving to point out that Marked has offered the "include external files in Markdown documents" for a loooong time. And it works with any text editor… http://marked2app.com
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I was beta testing the iA Writer 4 for the last month. The content blocks totally changed, the way I write markdown documents.
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iA Writer was the first app I bought right after I bought my first ever MacBook. Absolutely love it.
This is a beautiful idea. :) So the last thing I need in iAW now is some collapsible navigation structure/UI for # headings. Or am I missing something?