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"If you came here to read about ground-breaking new features, we have to apologize: iA Writer has not become bigger. It has become lighter, smarter, more refined." I like that attitude. Reminds me of OS X Snow Leopard. Cleaning up code debt and refining things. Not just an arms race for features. Nice one.
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@joshuapinter Good point. I'm glad they took that approach.
@joshuapinter Going back to basics, simplifying everything, from name to UI with full backwards compatibility was one of the hardest things we have done strategically. Not easy, and not easy to communicate, but it worked. Happy you understand and like the approach.
Great update. Unfortunately, I switched to Ulysses and very happy there for now. One thing I would lik to see in both products is collaborative editing of documents in the library. Such a hassle now in markdown. Just invite a friend in and edit together (or at least make the document visible to him so he can check/review). Worked easier the old way, but otherwise I really like the library approach.
@florisvaneck The collaboration thing is big. I'm waiting for someone to integrate with Draftin or for Nate to just make mobile apps for Draft (there's already a Chrome app).
@mostlymarius Nate is CEO of highrise now. I may be wrong, but my guess is a mobile app for Draft is not in the cards given the amount of time he spends on Highrise.
Despite the appeal of oft-released, feature rich web-based composers (think Medium, Draftin'), the speed and simplicity of Writer have made it a staple for me since v1. Stoked to spend time with the new release.
@covrter That is nice to hear. Thank you.
Awesome work on this release. I love the new library concept and the new gestures on iOS. Great update to one of my favorite writing apps!
Neat stuff. Can you integrate media (thinking of photos, for example)?
@urbnist Yes. Via markdown. ![Alt text](/path/to/img.jpg "Optional title")