A dating app powered by your wit and eyes πŸ‘€

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i2i is a new app powered by wit online and eye contact offline. i2i aims to pick up where other dating apps have left off, and ignite that human connection at every stage of the interaction. In a world where people everywhere are looking at their phones rather than at each other we need to hang on to that feeling or raw human connection. Try it!

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AbadesiHunter@abadesi Β· Head of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt
I've heard lots of my single friends complain about dating apps, what I love about @wesee_i2i 's product is how it brings it back to what makes us human, eye contact and connection πŸ’™
Julia Macmillan
Julia MacmillanMaker@wesee_i2i Β· Founder
@abadesi Yes that's exactly it. Eye contact connects us more deeply. It's passionate and powerful...