We're an online community run by an app studio where anyone can submit app ideas. We (the app studio) will choose one winning idea per month (crowdsourced by the community) and build it.

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Liked your idea. Was wondering how you gonna give credit or compensate the idea maker?
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@nooruzzonline He gets to use the app he wants?
@nooruzzonline @ziggycrane fair points and I explained in my previous comments below. We keep track of the user/username so we have the pieces for giving credit and we also have a leaderboard (https://iwishtherewasanappfor.co...). Thanks and really appreciate your feedback in regards to this app studio project!
@nooruzzonline you don't think dedicating time, resources, knowledge is enough compensation??
@nmeri17 Totally agree with you but then you anyway gonna charge customer or monetize the app in someway. Not that you are making the app only for the idea maker.
@nooruzzonline 1) not all developers will monetize their apps. 2) is there a guarantee monetized one will become lucrative? I think the best resolution for an idea owner with intentions of generating income from his creativity is to hire a developer to implement his idea, then become sole proprietor.
This is great and I really love the clean feel of the website. Since the ultimate goal is to get the app built out, it would be useful for the user to include necessary details about the app. I.e. user flow, target market, how it works, what it does, etc. If you do really end up building an app each month, would you contact the person in order to understand their vision? My biggest concern is the follow-up. 😃 Lots of potential to evolve in something amazing.
@rohit_tigga Yes it would be great to talk a bit more about how the process itself works, who owns the IP, what happens to the app once you make it...how will you decide what app wins and where do the abandoned ideas go?
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@rohit_tigga @abadesi Following this for the answers.
Thanks @rohit_tigga @abadesi so much for this feedback! Great points about the user providing more specifications about their idea and following up. The winning app idea is selected each month based on the number of upvotes (most popular idea within a one month duration). We would definitely want to notify the community after we make the app. In regards to IP, submitted ideas (whether successful or abandoned) are part of the public domain. Since this is a learning process, I'm more than happy to chat a bit more offline about how the process works (always open to feedback and suggestions). Thanks and much appreciated for checking out this project!
@donf126 👍 👍 👍
@donf126 Would love to help you guys out on the design side of things.
I think a lot of the comments on this product are worried about "who gets credit" I don't think that is the point of this product at all. It seems that if you are submitting ideas, you would appreciate to have those ideas/apps created to make your life easier. If you have a great idea and want credit for it, then go make it yourself.
@dielawn714 That's not fair. Guy who submitted the idea has to get credit and some reasonable share of IP ownership.
@dielawn714 Without any type of credit, the contribution's value is exploited by society at the expense of the contributor.
@dielawn714 thank you and you're right on the money about the intent of this project (it's also about spreading good will and promoting cool ideas)! I spent the past day in a half explaining this to people but to be fair they also have valid questions/concerns. Thanks again! @syamala_prasad_oruganti @alessandro_machi
@dielawn714 @alessandro_machi Society benefits and the creator benefits. What cost do you see to the creator?
Like the idea of IDEA
The amount of Dating app ideas is incredible 😉