I Will Teach You To Be Rich

6 weeks to stress-free, no-guilt money management.

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Kevin Espiritu
Kevin Espiritu@kevinespiritu · Marketing, Book in a Box
Gave this book to my cousin @jonstenstrom when he was 21. He quit his job at 26 with 100k in the bank and is years into a startup that's doing very well. Couldn't have done it without the book.
Justin Nemeth
Justin NemethHunter@barnt · Co-founder, Trakt.tv
I read this book years ago and it was how I set up all my finances to be automatic and essentially out of mind. So much nicer knowing money is moving around to where I need it (i.e. my Roth IRA) without my intervention. Don't worry about small things like saving $3 per day on a latte, make a few substantial changes (i.e. cut cable) and be way happier in your finances. This book still holds up even though it was written several years ago.