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I don't care about fashion, I care deeply about people and helping them attain best career opportunities and relationships they deserve. I was working 18-hr long days in Wealth Management at Goldman Sachs and spent 15-30 min every single morning trying to create a new look using what I already had in my wardrobe and look fresh, memorable and presentable. I loved the results - I got to know more people in 2 weeks, than my manager did in 4yrs, which came in very handy later on the job - but wasting so much time styling was unbearable, forget about the shopping - i couldn't stand it. I needed INSTANT suggestions to my styling questions WHEN I needed them - at 6am or at 11pm. I STYLE MYSELF was the instant stylist I dreamt of having then and which I want all women to have now and take looking great for granted, so that they can focus on their careers, networking and relationships, feeling their best. Thank you and looking forward to responding to your every comment.
@tkhamadokova Hi! I like this idea and your sincere post! The filters in app looks very convenient and reasonable! I hope that many girls liked it. If I had an iPhone I would use that.
So far, I'm pretty impressed. The outfits have been pretty on-point for the weird item I gave it to test (a camouflage button-up shirt). I'll definitely be trying this out more in the future!
@veronica Thank you, Veronica. Please feel free to share it with other people in your network who would benefit from it as well, and please keep posting your feedback and ideas as you keep testing it.
I love this idea! Just downloaded. I was wondering, what about adding create profile with Facebook and/or Google +? That can give people the option down the line to 'find friends' on there. I just love it when you can create profile with Facebook because its so much faster, although your sign up process is really quick! How do you import all the clothing items? Do you use an aggregator or just work with specific outfitters? I would love to see this integration with @tradesy :D I buy all my clothes on there. Really great job I love fashion and having a personal stylist is a dream!
@randibarry Hi Randy, thanks for the great idea re Tradesy. We'll definitely explore it! FB integration is next on the roadmap ;) as well as ability to see friends' activity. Wardrobe items can be uploaded via 1) photo or 2) by forwarding your online order confirmations emails to orders@istylemyself.com. In the future, we certainly have ideas of how to make wardrobe creation effortless with one click. Thanks so much for your feedback! Pls ping, if you have any other thoughts.
@istylemyself @randibarry I love that we can send you orders! That is very clever!