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From the look of PH this morning it appears everyone's quitting their job today.
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@willsamari Gotta get first-mover advantage on that Apple Watch! Seriously though: played with a little bit. Little tedious without LinkedIn integration; I get why, but that is my digital resume, or at least my digital resume API. When you have to manually enter all the data, "seconds" is pretty unlikely. (Points, though, for keeping data in Local Storage, so it's easier to go through piecemeal.)
@hupfen Agreed on the LinkedIn integration. Getting people to double on their efforts and maintain both might be a tough sell.
@willsamari That was my first thought too. I thought I missed the musical chairs job swap memo and this was the universe's hint that I needed something new.
@willsamari @hupfen For some reason I never even thought of LinkedIn integration. I'll take a look at it today and see what I can do. That would make it a lot easier.
I love how there are so many products available to help candidates express themselves but it's also important to keep in mind how these types of tools integrate with the almighty applicant tracking systems that most companies use such as Greenhouse, Taleo etc. The bad news is they don't. I look at hundreds of resumes a day and unfortunately because our systems are not designed to except this kind of document, it will never be seen. If a candidate has a known relationship with the hiring manager or a close internal contact within an organization that is pre- interested in the talent, then this type of candidate expression tool will work otherwise it'll be dead in the water and unseen.😟 Happy to collaborate with you to solve this conundrum. 🙋 Christine White Corp Recruiter@Siemens And Founder of Careerologie
Great product, but I have some feedback. When it gets to work experience and filling out forms, tabbing takes me to the Education section, rather than the next input box. Just a suggestion for improved UX. :)
@kwuchu I'm working on that right now! I had it using arrows, but found that more annoying, so I switched to tab, but then I forgot to ignore it when there are more fields than one.
@kwuchu Got it fixed! Tab now won't skip the education/work sections, but I had to disable shift+tab temporarily. It was acting funny.
Example buried in the footer, did not find it until I came back to PH to read the comments. Should be the first link on the left menu !
The fact that this is so easy and so good encouraged me to make a new rule: if you apply for a job at Prime this is the minimum acceptable quality of a resume design.