I hate mailto

Stop websites from opening your email client.

#2 Product of the DayMarch 05, 2019
Whenever you click on an email link, this Chrome & Firefox extension will copy the email address on to your clipboard & block the email client from annoyingly interrupting you.
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Instead of dealing with my constant existential dread, I decide to make yet another browser extension🕺. I even managed to pull in @iamarnob, he is the one who designed the landing page, made that snazzy thumbnail animation and demo video. Whenever I click on a Contact Us link and Apple Mail 💩 pops up in my face without a warning, the rage I feel is truly out of this world 😡. One day I decided I never want to feel that way again, so I made a browser extension that would copy the email address and block Apple Mail from popping up. Seriously, get this extension and lower your blood pressure. (not proven with medical research yet)
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@iamarnob @iamtekeste Liked your promo video. 😂😍
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@iamtekeste @meetchopra Thanks a lot man, we wanted it to be funny :p
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@iamarnob @iamtekeste Thank you for for addressing this pain.
The privacy policies are broken :S can you tell me more about that?
@santiaraujo whoops! It should be fine now!

I look forward to using it on an everyday basis now. Also, great job with the landing page. Simple, neat and works!


This is such a smart solution to an annoying problem. I would say excellent execution of the idea.


Couldn't find any

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Thanks a lot for the review @vaibhavsisinty
I work on a Mac and it opens stupid Apple mail on mailto link, which I hate. I would love if it opens Gmail with the address copied to Compose window
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@ricky_goswami this is built into Chrome. You can enable "handlers" in Chrome's settings and then go to Gmail, which will ask to handle mailto links.
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@ricky_goswami @ehmorris Yeah that's a super standard feature on PC... doesn't it exist on Mac ? wth?!
@ricky_goswami @fiessedouard It does exist on Mac
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@ricky_goswami Do this: 1. Open Chrome and navigate to "Settings." 2. Click "Content settings" under "Privacy and security" (in Advanced). 3. Select "Handlers" and switch on the Ask protocol. 4. Open Gmail in Chrome and click the Protocol Handler icon. 5. Allow Gmail to open all email links And volià 🎉
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I also loved your promo video! Despite being mostly a vanity project, a lot of dumb startups tend to make funny videos and forget to show off the product. Your <1min video did a great job of showing the problem, the scope of your product, and the solution that your product addresses. All while giving a little humor. good job dudes!
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Solid Product. Sweet landing page ✌️
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