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it's a bit confusing that the 'integrations' page says "and many more" : https://home.idonethis.com/integ... I would expect to see a full list of the integrations. iDoneThis is an awesome tool. But I would think that the suggested pricing of $22/user wouldn't be the right fit for most companies (I know you have other plans).
@_jacksmith agreed. I think it has value, but if they havent, they would do well to research their optimum price point. http://www.priceintelligently.com/ might be able to help (their 4-questions-to-ask-every-(potential)-customer method is something I really believe in)
@_jacksmith @dredurr It's worth checking out Status Hero (https://statushero.com/). Their comparable plan is $29/mo for unlimited users. Seems like I Done This is going after enterprise with their new (expensive) pricing. I'm a consultant and have happily on-boarded a couple of clients to Status Hero. It has integrations, and recently added goal tracking which is a helpful feature.
I Done This Update Check it out and let us know what you think. We are excited to receive feedback at success@idonethis.com or 415­741­3288.
I remember being relatively simple to use. And being free... Like @_jacksmith said. I will have to see some amazing integrations to justify $22🤑