I Don't Have A Damn Pen

Take notes and then send yourself the ones worth saving.

Nice UI and I like the simple UX. Why is this better than any platform's native notepad?
@avizuber I would assume because of the nature of being in the browser and the time we spend in it. The ability to not have to create/save a doc, and email it to myself or anyone else on a whim is nice.
@jesse_wallace @avizuber True & True! I wanted to the anti-autosave notepad tbh. Something that forces you to decide if a note is worth saving or not. We rely so much on everything being saved that we think less about what we're writing, as well as clutter our notes/docs, "just in case."
I never have a pen. but I always have my phone...seems like a solution for a non-existent problem.
Hey @thejeremycarson. I could see that!!! However, for one I don't always know where to take notes (so many places, so many notes!) But most importantly, with this website, you are forced to think about wether your note is worth saving instead of relying auto-save. That means fewer average notes you'll never re-visit but wanted to keep, just in case!
Take notes on this (very basic) digital notepad. If they are worth saving, email them to yourself. Otherwise, close the window and voila.
Great idea - nice and simple