I did NOT buy Bitcoins

How much did you save by not buying Bitcoins?

Are you the one in the office without Bitcoins? Weren't you seduced to buy at the highest peak at 17th Dec? Use this calculator to see how much you saved by NOT buying Bitcoins ;)

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I hope you all know that bitcoin has had these huge corrections since forever (~9 years) and has always come back after that. The hard part is getting the timing right. Don't buy when everyone is buying, you buy "now" when everyone is selling. BTW, it's still 800% from 1 year ago.
I wish there were a Downvote Button for websites like this one

Why peeps are doing such things.


Dont know


Waste of time!

It's a joke. Why so serious!? 😂
I think a certain someone bought bitcoins on 17th December, 2017
Best thing I’ve seen in a long time
Although some have criticised this idea, I think it’s an excellent example of content creation / content strategy. Sure to drive traffic.