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Side project ideas to launch in 2016

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 09, 2016
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Happy Friday! We put together a little random idea generator for side projects just for fun. And while these ideas are mostly silly ones, what Amanda and I *do* believe is that doing side projects is so important to the career of a modern technology professional. We've each done numerous side projects to develop skills, gain opportunities to demonstrate leadership, and win recognition in our fields. So if you *are* serious about doing a side project, we invite you to apply to our six week side project accelerator called Ship Your Side Project (http://shipyoursideproject.com). In any case, have fun with the site! Would love to get any suggestions for new "things" or "purposes" to generate side project ideas for. =)
@jasonshen I think what you're doing is great. More an more jobs count side projects as development experience, rather than just the traditional work or educational experience.
How are 'dares' added ? or is it just some generator ?
@joehobot just post them here! I'll add them into the mix
I must say - I was expecting something a little more actionable, a little less non-sensical/auto-generated. Like a more modern Internet Wishlist. But shipyoursideproject seems cool!
Probably a nice place to browse during a creative block on a problem. If you accidently find & build a unicorn, hope IDYTB is cool with you keeping the capital B Billions. @jasonshen
@elizabethhunker pretty sure we'd have no case in court if we tried to pull a Winklevoss ... not that we would anyway. I'm a startup founder who tried to take on one of the most obvious ideas in the world - ridesharing - so I'm not one to say that just having the idea means squat.