I Ally empowers young family caregivers by connecting users to mutual aid, administrative advocacy, Telehealth, a database of providers, financial & legal counsel, access to clinical trials and more.
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Hi everyone! When I became my father's caregiver after he had a stroke in late 2018, I felt very isolated and noticed a lack of advocacy and resources available. I became determined to change that. I created I Ally to connect caregivers with resources and with each other, so that others don't have to go through this alone.
Looks like a really cool app that is especially needed for caregivers during the current times. I am curious, what forms of support do you provide? Legal assistance, counseling etc?
@ericahal Thanks for asking! The main resource I wanted to provide was access to mental health treatment for the caregiver, remotely through Telehealth and/or text therapy, and with providers who specialize in caregiver stress and caregiver burden. Usually, full-time family caregivers don't have time to take care of their own health, and they also don't put their health & wellbeing first -- they are too focused on the person they care for. Over half of unpaid family caregivers report moderate to severe burden -- so providing easy access to care is a crucial part of I Ally's mission. In addition to that, I Ally provides customized access to attorneys all over the country, including those who provide pro-bono counsel for caregivers especially. The mutual aid platform means that any user can also ask the community for help or for advice.
It looks like it has a lot of potential!
Love the idea behind the product! This is especially helpful for caregivers who have been hit hard during covid. What resources do people receive access to when signing up?
@adamsschultz Thank you! Yes, it's been especially useful during the COVID-19 Pandemic. After signing up, the user receives access to mutual aid (asking other caregivers for help/supplies/advice); a native Telehealth solution along with a database of providers, including therapists who specialize in caregiver stress; the I Ally Backpack Health group, where the user can keep all of their medical paperwork as well as the medical paperwork of the person they care for; financial literacy courses, financial counsel, legal counsel, access to clinical trials, and more!
Super timely launch! How does the free structure behind the support and assistance models work? Is it a one time fee per service or subscription based? I know of a couple of friends who could really use a service like this.
@rickheine The app is completely free for users! So far, I am able to keep it that way through my partnerships and sponsorships with companies and organizations. I hope to continue this business model. If the user does start therapy sessions with one of the providers, the user will pay the provider directly for that service.