Make money when your car's idle (pre-launch)

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This reminds me of Dutch SnappCar (http://www.snappcar.nl) which is making pretty big moves in the Benelux.
Is this real? It doesn't look real to me.
AirBNB for cars. Biggest challenge would be insurance?
@mastef same goes for Airbnb right? A house is worth more than a car :p
@bramk But it's hard to drive a house into another house uninsured? :-)
I would definitely work on the web design for this site. Great concept but lackluster execution of the web page.
@aldainreid I don't think this is real. The grammar on the site is pretty poor and it looks like it has half written CSS.
Perhaps I should have mentioned earlier: this looks like a direct (though fake) competitor (exact crappy ripoff of) Getaround: http://www.getaround.com/