The gold standard of wireless earbuds🎧

#4 Product of the DayDecember 24, 2018

HYPHEN Wireless Earbuds have been designed with real functionality in mind. Stop overpaying, get premium earbuds at an affordable price today.

Engineered in every detail, they feature:

• Integrated Wireless Charging

• Advanced Touch Control

• Bluetooth 5

• IPX5 Water Resistance

• Seamless Pairing

• 15 Meters of Listening Distance

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40 Reviews2.8/5

The statment that they are new gold standard for wireless earbuds is corresponding to it's features and functionality.


- Unique Design

- Noice cancellation

- Advanced touch control

- Water resistance

- Wireless charging


I belive that 17 hours battery life is a bit amplification, it would be amazing if it's not.

The gold standard? Really? In a crowded space with competition from Apple, Bose, Sennheisser etc?
@mickc79 Hi Mick! When designing Hyphen, we tried to go back to the idea that listening to music with your phone shouldn't cost more than $100 just because the manufacturers have decided to remove the jack. By gold standard, we mean that Hyphen are premium quality wireless earbuds at the price of wired earbuds. We certainly don't mean they are the gold standard of sound quality, as there are earbuds that cost even $2000 on the market, but they are definitely above average in that area as well.

and let's forget about airpods


dope design, wins over other earbuds with functionality


i should have known about them earlier

I've been looking for earbuds to order for about 3 months, but in other earbuds I liked neither the design, nor the features. These ones are the combination of everything I need. So many thanks to creators!


Cheap, Cool design, Variety of colors


Can't wait to receive mine :(

Hey hunters! Thank you @chrismessina for hunting us :) At Rolling Square we focus on creating innovative tech products with three goals in mind: functionality, premium quality and affordable pricing. In early 2018, after testing as many wireless earbuds as we could, we found that the low priced ones had only basic features and the premium ones were very expensive. That's when we decided to set a new standard in the wireless earbuds market, developing the most thoroughly designed product, premium in every detail, at an affordable price. Today we are excited to introduce HYPHEN, now live on Indiegogo!