A beautiful, powerful, and robust eBook Reader for ePubs.

Hello fellow hunters! My name is Matt, and I'm the developer of Hyphen. Hyphen is a beautiful, powerful, robust eBook Reader app for the ePub Format, designed from the ground-up to help you unify your library in one location for on-the-go access and give you the most control over your reading experience. Hyphen provides features like Goodreads integration, the ability to import books from many different cloud services, metadata lookup, deep customization, and more. I began working on Hyphen a few years back shortly after the decline of Stanza (the Beloved), as none of the ePub readers available since provided the level of ease, speed, customization and attention to UX I desired in a mobile reader. I'm very excited to share what has been a passion project of mine for some time now, and look forward to your thoughts and suggestions!