HyperTrack helps developers build anything they can imagine with location. We offer accurate locations with near-zero battery, through building blocks that make them useful and beautiful.

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We at Freshdesk, provide customer support software to some of the leading companies across the world like Honda, Cisco, 3M etc. We're also used by some of the more popular on-demand consumer apps in Asia for providing support in real-time using chat. When we noticed some of our customers already using Hypertrack's plug-and-play location stack, doing an integration with them was a no-brainer for us -> this allows our customers to provide a seamless support experience to the end users. This is a fantastic product, built by an experienced team: Really excited by all the possibilities Hypertrack opens up! Go team!
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@abhishekmadhavn thanks Abhishek. Love the quick integration you guys did for our mutual customers. The next level might be a chatbot integration where customers asking for their orders can automatically get the tracking link and ETA with no human intervention? :-)
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@righthalf @abhishekmadhavn That would be super cool. Something like this? https://hellotars.com/convBot/de... (just a demo)
@jindalish @righthalf @abhishekmadhavn That's a lovely prototype @jindalish. Fabulous work. Wondering if can we offer a order-tracking chatbot (pre-integrated with HyperTrack) to someone who may be interested?
@abhishekpoddar @righthalf @abhishekmadhavn Definitely! Should be pretty easy to integrate your API with our bots.
Definitely lots of potential for this -- curious if there's an integration with Uber's API?
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@chrismessina thanks for hunting us. We thought of ourselves as bringing the power of Uber-like location features to the rest of the world. It's an interesting question how we might be useful in tandem with Uber APIs. Thinking... Suggestions?
@righthalf yeah, I mean this is what the Trip Experiences API was intended for... So with the right partner, you could combine trip context with destination insights to create new kinds of guided destination experiences.
@chrismessina yea was looking up exactly that. A popular use case for HyperTrack is live location sharing - friends meeting up some place can share live location when on the way. When some of them are in an Uber (as they often are), Trip Experiences API can help unify that experience for all. And that is just one possibility. Thanks for the tip...
@chrismessina @righthalf - This is such a cool idea! I was fascinated with how Hypertrack enables commerce, esp in the online-to-offline world. Applications in trips/experiences open up a whole lot of new opportunities! One of my favorite apps is Roadtrippers which shows you points of interest along your road trip, but doesn't quite do live location tracking. Would be an interesting addition!
Thanks @chrismessina for hunting us. Hey ProductHunt - Abhishek here from HyperTrack. HyperTrack helps developers build better location-based services in their apps, just as Twilio does for communication and Stripe does for payments. HyperTrack has been testing for a year with forward thinking companies of all sizes to build and operate live location features in delivery (Zomato), service (HouseJoy), travel (goIbibo), transport (Redbus), logistics (Delhivery), sales (Toppr) and more. Our users are tracking over 1 million hours per month and building for a variety of use cases such as order tracking, workforce monitoring, mileage tracking, location-based assignments, live location sharing, and profiling users & places. We'd love to hear your feedback and answer your questions!
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It's great to see HyperTrack building infrastructure for location-based services. At Stripe, we started building payments infrastructure with a similar goal--enabling more commerce online. Looking forward to seeing more businesses in the logistics, travel and delivery space thanks to HyperTrack.
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@cjc thanks Cristina. We had this use case by a leading payments company that accepts cards through a little hardware device at the door. They had been geotagging those receipts, just as you have timestamps, these were placestamps. Now just as they have timelines, we've created placelines. If a delivery or visit has a payment at the end, we can generate the placeline for it (placestamp too, of course). Would this be useful in your world or am I smoking dope? :-)
@righthalf Definitely -- adding the placestamp to Stripe metadata would make it even better :)
Have been following the HyperTrack team since the very early days. Not just product design & tech but documentation and support is also top notch. Very nimble and strong team. Hope to see more companies building great products on top of HyperTrack. All the best guys !
@thebitmonk Thanks for sharing your feedback, Varun. Do you have any companies in mind that you think can build their product on top of HyperTrack?