Terminal emulator based on JS, HTML and CSS

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It's not available for windows. I love trying all products on product hunt, but every 2 out of 5 products don't support my devices =( The project looks really cool. Will love to know when you are planning to make it available to windows users :)
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@mohitgangrade they are saying that there will be a Windows version shortly.
@mohitgangrade This is definitely a big priority for us. I could have made a Windows build, but I didn't want to deliver a subpar experience with glitches, or not enough cohesion with the OS.
@mohitgangrade I just downloaded the windows version!
Hey everyone! This is Guillermo Rauch, founder of ▲ZEIT (https://zeit.co). At our company we're big fans of the terminal. We think it's one of the most productive interfaces in the world. Our first product `now` allows you to deploy with one command and get feedback in realtime (https://zeit.co/now). When I was creating the animation for the now website, I designed a terminal that didn't really exist. It was simple and clean, but it only lived in Sketch. I decided to take that concept further. In addition to the simplicity of the look n' feel, HyperTerm is completely extensible and built on web standards. I'm really excited about what the community can create on top of it!
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@rauchg Terminal app built on HTML / JS / HTML *CSS
@rauchg really awesome and love the back story
Can someone give me an example of why this may be better than the standard terminal app? It's a cool concept, just trying to understand what benefits HTML/CSS provide in a terminal.
@ryanshook Extensibility is the main reason in my mind. There are countless great ideas on how to evolve the terminal UI (some explored by TermKit years ago! https://github.com/unconed/TermKit). This provides a platform for experimentation and customization.
@ryanshook I was also wondering this. I only really care about zsh+tmux+vim interface-wise so not sure what benefits a different terminal emulator really brings me. Is it going to be as stable as iTerm?
@ryanshook Sometimes folks just want something new regardless it doesn't bring a nuclear warhead to a thumb war
Crazy glad you're launching this! Very excited to start using it everywhere. Where do you see it going, feature-wise? What do you think you'll end up doing that other terminals don't? What does Electron/Node.js enable you to do?