Free tool that identifies problems with your Kickstarter

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Hyperstarter is a free tool that helps your Kickstarter campaign. Input your campaign url and then it analyses for example: The Number of Images & Words used on the Campaign Page, Checks if there's Social Media or Website, Displays the Reward Tiers on offer, Shows how much a campaign has raised or if it's met it's goal and so on. Thank you to @KikiSchirr for helping to Hunt us! Over 60% of Crowdfunding Campaigns don't reach their goals. I thought it would be fun to build a simple but useful site that helps campaign owners. Hope you find Hyperstarter useful and for a limited time we're offering all Product Hunt members 30% off our paid services. Enjoy!
Unfortunately people will use these and other similar tools without considering if their product is actually any good!
@bentossell Agreed! I think 90% of the effort should be put into pre launch...I guess you already read Tim Ferris' post on "Hacking Kickstarter". Our tool is completely free to use and hope you guys find it useful when putting together your campaigns.
Crowdfunding can be a daunting task, but Hyperstarter aims to make the process more transparent. The free tool will identify weaknesses in your campaign, and the maker, Giles, said something about a discount on paid listings or campaign reviews if you mention Product Hunt, but I'll let him tell you more about that!
@kikischirr Thank you so much for mentioning us! We offer "hands on" paid services to campaign owners and for a limited time we are offering 30% off crowdfunding listings and reviews on the site for anyone who clicks on our site from ProductHunt! Enjoy :)
Congratulations on developing an interesting solution to the problem of running a successful Kickstarter. Despite interviewing loads of successful makers who ran a Kickstarter campaign, I'm still none the wiser. http://www.theappguy.co/kickstar...
@paul_s_kemp Thanks very much, Paul. Our work on the free diagnostic tool won't stop here. We will continue to improve it based on feedback. http://www.hyperstarter.com/?ref... P.S. your site of KS interview stories is exciting.
@evanvar Actually it's @hyperstartertw thanks for your feedback, it means a lot coming from you & thegadgetflow!