A video & photo app that distorts reality in real-time

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So cool! Love this! What was the inspiration @boreta?
@chrismessina Thanks, Chris! This app didn't exist for us, so we wanted to make it. We wanted to a high powered video app that lowers the barrier to entry for people to make powerful real-time effects, in the same way music software or photo apps did for me. It could be used for live applications, or for looking at the world through like a kaleidoscope.
@boreta HUGE fan of your music! :)
@chrismessina @boreta Hyperspektiv is the child of our old apps Glitch Wizard and SparkMode. Glitch Wizard is all about trippy GIF creation. SparkMode allows you to put symmetry into photos. We combined the trippyness of glitch wizard with the symmetry from SparkMode, mixed in real-time video, and Hyperspektiv was born.
This is wild, similar to Glitch Wizard. I bet @NikkiElizDemere will love this.
Big congrats @boreta @allanlavell @grenier! These are exciting times for creative photo/video apps on mobile platforms! ;) Gonna distort some reality right now!
@krapoz @allanlavell @grenier Thanks, Giuseppe. We are huge fans of your app as well. We have made some amazing combination videos with both. They work very nicely together :)
@krapoz @boreta @grenier Thanks a ton dude. Let us know what you come up with!
Amazing @boreta! When do you see people using this vs the other apps out there, and what do you think stands out the most?
@schneider Few things. 1. Everything happens in real-time, so what you see is what you get. There's no offline rendering time. This means you can use it for real-time applications - VJing, art installations, etc. We used it on the last Glitch Mob tour. 2. We put a lot of time into curating the look and feel of the filters. It has a specific feel to it that comes from our creative sensibility. 3. We wanted to make it as easy to use as possible, so that little kids could use it, my mom, or anyone really. It's simple. 4. This is an exciting time for creative tools as the barrier to entry is being lowered, and there are a LOT of other really good apps out there (Geometricam, Glitche) that do different things than we do. I don't see it as competing, but as a unique tool.
This is sick @boreta… I've been beta testing this for a little while and it's a hell of a powerful and fun artistic tool. Imagine using real life as a real-time canvas for creativity that might not at all resemble the real world after a few finger swipes. Very cool stuff indeed.
@mg Thanks, Matt. I'm glad you are having fun fun with it .