Bookmarking tool made for designers

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Cool idea to show who saved the link first. Dropmark is flattered to be in your inspiration folder: http://drp.mk/i/H7NvX5ZxnL
This is a brilliant idea. I have a folder on my desktop called 'Design inspiration'. I use a chrome extension to capture full page screenshots when I see website designs I like and save them in that folder. I gathered over 500+ website screenshots over the years. Hypershoot might just be able to replace all that!
@_alexiroy That's exactly why we built Hypershoot! Glad you find it usefull :)
@bertwitt 1) Do you have the options to automatically take screenshots from several pages of a website at once? (let say I want to keep the Homepage, About page and Team page) 2) Why don't you have the discover page as your homepage (like dribbble is doing)? Doing it this way would get your users to engage quickly with your content/browse around. You could then have a call to actions on each page to get users to learn more about the platform and sign up.
@_alexiroy Great questions ! 1) We do not have that, you have to go on each page and save them. 2) Yes, you're right! When you are not logged in, we must show the discover section, that's something we need to change. When you're logged in we'd like to do some recommandations and show you websites you don't know and that you may like - this is where we would like to go
@bertwitt Thanks for the reply! Keep up the good work guys!
Looks interesting. Wonder if @clarkvalberg knows about it.
A very useful tool I often use as part of my job. Thanks @bertwitt @keyboardkarl
Oh, how I love this tool! I've been looking for something like this for a looong time.
@irava Thanks Stefan !