Alert your team when your website is down through emails, Slack or SMS, integrated with real time data and insights

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Heyyy Product Hunters! 👋 Excited to launch the 2nd version of Hyperping! ✨ Hyperping is designed for small and medium startups for basic site monitoring, in a purified, easy to use web app Here's a list of the most used features that will help you ensure a 100% uptime for your sites and APIs: - Uptime monitoring: response time, uptime & APDEX - Email, Slack, SMS alerts to you and your teammates - 11 locations worldwide to ping your monitors from - Double check on multiple regions to avoid false positives - Private & Public Status pages. Demo: And a couple of useful others: - 🔐SSL monitoring: receive alerts before your SSL (HTTPS) certificate expires! Simple but effective - 📦Sort your monitors, status pages and teammates by Project - 👫Invite teammates to your projects to share and collaborate - 📊Weekly reports compared to the previous one HUGE thanks to the community. Being a first time founder is a really tough thing and only the feeling of not being alone in this journey helps me stay consistent, which is key 🙏 PH LAUNCH SPECIAL 30% off on our Pro plan using code PRODUCTHUNT at checkout 😼 Let me know what you think in here, I'll be around to answer all of your craziest questions you may have 🤓
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Hypercongrats Leo 🎉
I've been using Hyperping since the v1 launch and it's been great. Leo has been shipping lots of new stuff, as well as really polishing the design. It's been inspiring to see him grow Hyperping while working his day job.
Really digging the design ✌️
@hanspagel 👸thanks Hans
What's changed in this update?
@aaronoleary Hey Aaron! Tons of things actually 😝The first version was the release of a mere MVP. Today is the release of a much more 👴mature product. In addition there are in example: - Public Status Pages (like this one: - Sort your monitors by Project - Invite to share and collaborate with Teammates - More regions to ping from And various improvements that makes it even more reliable!
@leo_bqecker Oh tons so! Excited to test this out!
@aaronoleary Sweet! Let me know about any feedback you may have, especially if you last used it a while ago 😁