Time & expense tracking + invoicing has never been this easy

Time Tracking, expense management and invoicing has never been this easy. Hyperlogs is the most comprehensive app designed to manage your projects, teams, billable and non billable activities. Boost your productivity and increase profitability with Hyperlogs today.

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Thanks for hunting @emad_ibrahim could you please tell us a bit more about you and your teams vision for Hyperlogs?
@abadesi Our short term vision is to build the best time tracker app. Our grand (long term) vision is to build a suite of business tools that play well together and simplify the stuff that business owners (like us) hate doing such as time tracking, invoicing, expense reports, time sheets and more. Our stretch goal is to take over the world.
@emad_ibrahim All about the stretch goals πŸ™ŒπŸ½
Wow ! I began working with Futuramo which is in my opinion complete and classy in terms of UI. But Futuramo has perhaps a lot of information that i don't use. I think you're the good one :)
well t'was good until i had to add companies, projects, etc.
@mygreg what happenend? We are still beta testing, so I would love to get feedback on what's working and what's not working. Thanks for the kind words by the way πŸ‘πŸΌ
@mygreg curious to know too before I go down the same rabbit hole
don't worry @mario312 just go down the rabbit hole - we will help you :)
@emad_ibrahim well, i think we're all the same here : when we need something, we need it fast, simple, efficient. Your headline is really great. IMHO the process to add a task/project is weel done. No more than 2 clicks. At the moment to add the company, you have a fill a full webpage... even if some fields are not mandatory, it's a long run to add just a company. I know you have business needs... :) Perhaps a button to hide/show optionnal fileds would be great
Really cool product and a great team behind it!
Thanks @gokonrad! We're glad you like it! LOTS more to come...
Great job !! 😊 Will try it out
Thanks @ayush_chandra! Feel free to send feedback our way!
I love this. I was using Toggl but their interface isn't for me. Am I missing the ability to run a time tracker though? I only see where I manually put it in.
Hi @heyitsallyssa, we do have a timer but it hasn't made it to the beta yet. We should have a timer deployed within the next two weeks! Thanks for your vote of confidence BTW. Let me know if you have any more feedback for us. Cheers!
@heyitsallyssa how do you use the time tracker? What are you using now? Do you just click start and then come back and click finish when you are done with the task?
@emad_ibrahim since I don't have the tracker in my version yet I'm still using the Toggl Chrome extension to measure my time and then I input it in Hyperlogs because the interface is way better.
@heyitsallyssa guess what? We are working on the chrome extension right now :)... if all goes well, it should be live by Sunday.
@emad_ibrahim That's rad! I'm ready! I just got the email about it