Hyperlink Battle

Every day two links compete for your vote.

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Hey I am one of the curator and competidor of Hyperlink Battle. The ideia is celebrate the power of hyperlinks and remember ourselves how special it was having a decentralised system with so many voices. Subscribe and prepare: every day each one of us will pick one link and compete for your vote. A Self Expression path through a hyperlink curation.
This is actually awesome. I didn't get it until I did the clickthru. Each "battle" hyperlink must begin w/ a specific letter of the alphabet. And each letter has a unique design to accompany it.
Haha, pretty cool idea Zeh! Randomly clicked on it and saw Famous Outfits. Thanks for adding our site :)
@jadlimcaco Hey Jad. Famous outfits helped me a lot of times haha. I glad that you visited the hyperlink battle ^^