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Growing competition in the keyboard space, curios on what makes this better than others out there at the moment? Im still yet to change my default keyboard as Gboard is not available in the UK :( Have you thought of integrating bot commands in the keyboard? (this is where I see the big opp for bots) - so that during a conversation, you could do things (book an uber, restaurant etc).
Hate such kind of landing pages, they say NOTHING about the product unless you visit the store page and read details here.
@aramiggs landing pages for new bots are similar in that there is little information too!
Great product! I represent Stickerpipe — stickers distribution company, we have Search API for our content. We can talk about the integration. http://stickerpipe.com
I see that "Google Play" logo.. Can't wait to see how you'll implement it on Android. I tried, but failed to do a similar app.
iOS download link doesn't seem to be showing on mobile in portrait but does when in landscape. Landing page confusing. Please add detail and clarity. Headline LOL but misleading, less chat more about input.