An in-app, open-source design review tool for iOS apps

Hyperion is an in-app design review tool to inspect measurements, attributes, and animations. Hyperion is open source and sits on top of plugins, allowing you to add your own plugins and customize your toolset.

Hyperion for iOS is live on GitHub, Android forthcoming.

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Chris Mays
Software Engineer
Hello Everyone! Hyperion was just an idea a little under a year ago, so it’s amazing to see it launch. Thank you for checking out the page and if you have any questions let me know.
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Alexander ObenauerFounder, Mindsense: Mail Pilot, Throttle
@nschris Nice work, Chris! This looks fantastic. Proud that you're a Mindsense Internship Alum β€” and I can't wait to put your new creation to work here.
Hoang Nguyen Vi CamFounder of idealweek.net
Great tool! I think react-native app would need this tool to correct the UI as there is no interface builder like xcode.
Doron AdlerProgrammer at Glide Talk, Ltd.
Looks very impressive! It addresses a real problem and seem to offer a creative and viable solution. Also there is lots of potential with that 3rd party plugin architecture. Good luck