Do your friends have a 300 millisecond attention span? Well we've got something for you. We take your far too long videos and auto edit them into tiny segments creating a super fast Hypervideo.

Chris Biron
Maciej Ka
Maxime Bonhomme
  • Chris Biron
    Chris BironVisual Designer

    Output looks great, super simple to use, makes pretty much any videos look cool, is new and quite unique.


    Not on android

    Super cool app to make unique Instagram stories or recap videos. Its actually weirdly versatile too, where I can use it to make a really hype video for a party that I went to, or, I also made a damn cute video of my puppy growing up into a proper dog with footage over a few months. Love it.

    Chris Biron has used this product for one month.
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Jia Ming
Jia Ming@jmtiong · Software Warrior
is releasing on Android on the roadmap for your application?
SimonMaker@_simonbrown · Co-Founder, Ever & Ever
@jmtiong We'd love to! We just need enough users that make that worthwhile.
Sam Rizzi
Sam Rizzi@rizzisam · PM/Co-Founder @Crid_io
Guys video app with no promo video?