The next generation electric skateboard vehicle

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Looks like it might not be available yet based on website: "WE ARE LAUNCHING THIS YEAR. SIGN UP TO GET UP TO 70% DISCOUNT OF MSRP" Unique concept with 3D printable parts and software upgrades. I've had four or five electric skateboards over the last 10 years. Me and my wife got to know each other after spending the night in the ER getting stitches from an electric skateboard accident, less than an hour after we met. Now we have an awesome family. They're great for getting around short distances quickly, besides being fun. I've found the biggest drawback is they tend to be bulky and awkward to maneuver when not riding. They're also difficult to secure (e.g. on a bike rack) but too big to take inside with you on quick stops. This one looks like it's on the extra bulky side especially given the larger wheels. On the other hand it seems like the big wheels might make it a bit more stable on variable terrain. Interestingly I noticed the brief clip of the person dragging the board behind by the rear wheels, which might make carrying the board easier when you get in tight crowds or indoors, or the battery dies. Having to pick up the entire board to carry in those situations is a real bummer. I have a couple Metroboards that are a few years old and they've continued making them lighter and more practical. Interested to see how this Hyperboard compares.
@bydanm Thats helpful. Ive never had a electric skateboard, but I skate normal decks. How fast is the ability to brake usually on these boards? ( Just electric boards in general )
@aden_james_tranter it varies. The older boards used a wired control. They could brake hard by cutting power. The motors would lock if cut entirely. This level of control was helpful for steep downhills. The wireless boards brake gently. I was told that was (initially) because they were known to lose connection with the controllers, so they used motors that didn't lock without power--they'd coast. With the Metroboards (wireless), they have a braking mechanism on the remote. It's gentle, maybe too gentle. Possibly to avoid accidents from over braking, which could send you flying on the older boards.
Hard to find the video -
Its a great watch. Anyone tried this?
@aden_james_tranter Looks like a completely different product to me!
@david_west Found it http://shop.faradaymotion.com/ which is from the "More Info" and then clicking "Webshop"