Supercharge your Airbnb searches

Hyperbnb is a supercharged search for Airbnb listings. Features include more filters, sorting by reviews/rating, a computed "score", and up to 300 listings at once.

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A "one week build" I made. Check out my medium story below where I talk about why, how, and some interesting things I learned along the way :) https://medium.com/@pqvst/one-we...
Really interesting, i thought about building something like this. Mainly to satisfy my need for proper Wifi & the went for a balcony. Would be cool if you could include smoke friendly or something as well ;)
Hey @pqvst! It looks like you hit your Google Maps API limit. Eager to try this out for my next trip! :)
@chadwhitaker Should be working now! Sorry for that hiccup :)
@pqvst Nicely done, Philip 👌
I wanted to like this but it was a total fail in my browser. Safari. iPhone 6s+
I'd like to try it. Looks like some API limit has been met however. Product Hunt effect!
@pdame Should be working now! Sorry for that hiccup :)