Hyper News

100% Offline latest news videos for your commute

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I love Hyper and it went straight to my homescreen - I use Mic (same co) for my news snippets as Im not much of a news-watcher... but I like the look of this, may give it a go!
Hyper News let's you watch the latest news videos anywhere you are - even without internet! How? The app automatically preloads fresh videos every time you’re on WiFi - so you can enjoy lightning-fast playback on the subway, the plane… anywhere on-the-go.
The news game is hard. Any chance for Android anytime soon? The app looks beautiful. Good luck!
This is such a sad follow-up to an amazing product in Hyper. Poor selection of sources and awful design compared to the actual Hyper app.
I'm dumbfounded that Hyper News doesn't allow rotating the videos to landscape. I hear Hyper was acquired by EvilCorp...perhaps therein lies the reason?