Hyper Glass

iPhone Smart Screen Protector With Invisible Buttons

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Very cool - I haven't seen something like this on the market before re: the additional hidden buttons... always been a struggle at times using one hand!
Pretty cool and innovative.
Thanks @housseynoufall @Lewis502. Simply trying to provide well designed products people want.
Made by LVWRKPL, the phone accessory company that made the solar panel charging case and the slim charging case with a kickstand, this iPhone screen protector adds two invisible buttons to the very bottom of the phone (to the left and right of the home button) that transmits a touch to the top left and right of the screen.
This video should further demonstrate the use cases for HYPER GLASS:
This is pretty cool! Curious how well it works with 3D Touch on iPhone 6s
@eliservescent @spinoodle No worries, the iPhone 6S 3D Touch works as normal.