HYPER for iPhone

Watch the best web videos of the day – even offline!

#5 Product of the DayJune 30, 2016
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Markus Gilles
Markus GillesMaker@markusgilles · Mighty - Self Defense Fitness
Hi Hunters! Markus here, CEO and Co-Founder of Hyper. We’re a bunch of filmmakers and our goal was to tackle the 3 key friction points that make mobile video still so painful today. Here’s the rundown: * NO MORE SEARCHING. We scout the web every day for high quality videos. Based on your interests, we hand-pick the daily top 10 for you. * NO MORE LOADING. Videos are automatically available offline. Preloaded overnight via Wi-Fi, for instant playback on the go. * NO DISTRACTIONS. We’ve built an immersive, fully video-centric and gesture based UI, to put content front and center. Excited to get this into your hands. Let us know your thoughts!
Alex Bouaziz
Alex Bouaziz@bouazizalex · Deel, MIT, Technion
@markusgilles Looks fun! Congratz on the launch mate
Julia Onken
Julia OnkenHiring@juliaonken · Houseparty.
@markusgilles love it, really smooth and pleasant feeling. one thing: I'd love to see each video categorized. that's what'll encourage me to swipe something to my watch later list. being that the 4 categories you can pick from are pretty broad, i'm weary about which videos i want to invest time checking out.
Markus Gilles
Markus GillesMaker@markusgilles · Mighty - Self Defense Fitness
@juliaonken Interesting point. We'll definitely be looking deeper into utilizing categories as we go forward.
Ben Tossell
Ben TossellHunter@bentossell · Makerpad.co
Honestly one of my favourite apps that shot straight to my homescreen I've been on the beta for a while and seen, perhaps, 3 iterations? This one feels right. HYPER design is just so pleasing and easy to use! and the quality of the videos is awesome. Scouring the web for video content is no easy feat but the involvement of human interaction for your personalisation here is a winner. Recommend you download this ASAP! Apple’s “Best of 2015” video app is now on iPhone @markusgilles can tell us more :) I imagine its been a pretty wild ride, now part of the MIC Network, the different variations. Tell us the story over the last 6+ months! TechCrunch just covered it here: Hyper, the Mic-owned app for curated videos, comes to iPhones h/t @anthonyha
Chris Altchek
Chris Altchek@caltchek · CEO, Mic
@bentossell very excited by the product and partnerships that allows for frictionless offline viewing. Try out the lightening bolt feature.
Markus Gilles
Markus GillesMaker@markusgilles · Mighty - Self Defense Fitness
@bentossell: Yes, the last months have been crazy for us. Initial debut on iPad in September. Six months later acquisition by Mic (who really allowed us to stay 100% truthful to our vision). Launch on Apple TV the same month. And now finally on iPhone 3 month later. The iPhone app was our original vision, as we feel video-on-the-go is most in need of fixing. So we couldn't be more excited to get this finally out there!
Seth Williams
Seth Williams@sethbwilliams · Designer, Product Hunt
Some of the most gorgeous iOS design I've ever seen. Pure magic! 👌🔥
Nico Hofer
Nico Hofer@nicohofer · Communications @ Airy.co
By far my favorite video app for iOS. More than happy to hear it's finally available for the small screen :) Full support!