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Mic, the Millennial-focused publication, acquired Hyper recently. Here's their first product launch within the new company. @markusgilles - Apple TV still feels very nascent and of course, the consumption experience is much different than mobile (e.g. iPhone or iPad). I'm curious to learn more about your design process building Hyper.
Hi guys, Jonas – Head of Product & Design at Hyper. @rrhoover Yes! Designing for the big screen is totally different, but super interesting. Especially on Apple TV with it’s swipe based remote. We wanted to challenge ourselves and not go with standard tvOS templates, so we built everything custom and from scratch. It starts with an immersive full screen overview of your days (video background), followed by an intuitive sideways feed. Everything is build around the medium video. You won’t find any static images. We even added background music (that can be muted), which is of course something you’d never do on a mobile device. I’m really excited to see what people think of the experience!
@jonasbrandau @rrhoover Love this - I've been thinking a lot about what will be the killer apps (excuse the term) for Apple TV. Gaming has been talked about a fair amount but there doesn't seem to be the right tools for gaming to take off. Side by side March Madness viewing was an in-app experience I loved. Multimedia journalism in the way that you're doing it with Hyper is a very unique way to take advantage of the medium. What is the future of using tvOS as a platform for developers? What apps do you think will take the user's imagination in a way that they don't on other platforms?
Very cool @markusgilles. Looks beautiful!
Thanks @rrhoover for the hunt! We’re a team of filmmakers and developers. Our goal is to combine the best videos on the web with the best user experience design we could dream up. All 100% hand-curated. Here’s how it works: Every day, our team goes through the leg work of watching hundreds of new videos from the best sources online. We then distill them to a daily edition of videos worth watching. We have launched our first app (Hyper on iPad) here on PH a few months back with great community feedback and got featured BEST OF 2015 by Apple. Pumped to bring this to Apple TV! Here's what you can expect:
I curious to see what the curation looks like as well as the potential action of swiping regarding usage looks like! Very interesting. From the design standpoint, it looks like Snapchat "swipe up to discover!" 📺🙌
Also interested in this angle @markusgilles - so much consumption is on mobile/tablets for video, what made you go this direction?
@bentossell Our goal is ultimately to be synched across all of your connected devices with individually specific UX design to match screen size, viewing behavior etc. on each of them. Apple TV is our second step on that roadmap (after iPad). Stay tuned for more.
@markusgilles specific UX design is always curious, and the Hypers should be awesome!