Hyper 3

A cross-platform terminal powered by web technologies

Hyper is a terminal powered by web technologies, that is fully-extensible with JavaScript and customizable with CSS.
- Blazing fast rendering performance
- Emoji support
- Faster startup time
- WebGL-based rendering
- Upgraded Electron
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Hello Product Hunters! At ZEIT, we are obsessed about delivering the best developer experience in the industry. We built Hyper to be a beautiful, web-based, customisable terminal, that offers blazing fast performance. Today, we are excited to announce the third generation of Hyper! Features - WebGL renderer for faster rendering The renderer is the piece of code that draws actual pixels on the screen based on the state of the terminal. The original Hyper renderer used the DOM. For Hyper 3, we've completely rewritten the renderer to use WebGL and take advantage of GPU acceleration. - IPC Batching for speedier performance Running commands with very verbose output would cause Hyper to temporarily choke for a few seconds. Digging within the CPU profile, we noticed that the "renderer" process was spending most of its time handling an overwhelming amount of messages coming in from the main process. To make performance faster, for this version we batch the communication for a faster experience. For a more detailed read on this, check out our blog announcement: - Electron V3 upgrade Hyper 3 bumps the underlying Electron from V1 to V3. This brings in all the bugfixes and security enhancements made to Electron and its dependencies. - Faster Startup Time Hyper 3 brings in a decent boost in launch time (about 150ms on Linux, potentially better on other platforms). We achieved this by making two time-consuming processes during startup to be parallel. - Emoji Support You can now jazz up all your commit messages easily with a single command. If you're on MacOS, just hit `Command + Control + Space` and you'll see an emoji popup. - More Themes on Hyper Store Since the launch of Hyper 2, we have introduced more new themes into the Hyper Store. This means it's now even easier to customize your Hyper experience to your personality. Acknowledgments We would like to thank our entire community of contributors and users who made Hyper 3 possible. In particular, special mention of thanks to Daniel Imms, @Jerch and Benjamin Staneck, whose timely help, support and feedback have helped us launch the fastest Hyper ever. Please do try Hyper, and let us know what you think!
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@jerch @rauchg love hyper! thanks for all the improvemnts!
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@jerch @rauchg Thanks for building this, I've really enjoyed using it in the past year.

I've been using Hyper terminal over a year now, I prefer it over the system's terminal and some 3rd-party terminal apps like iTerm because of how pretty it looks and how customizable it is.


• Aesthetically pleasing • Easy to configure • Customizable • A large variety of themes • A large variety of plugins • Fast


• Some themes don't work properly • Some configurations do not apply

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I really love Hyper! I don't use CLI that much, but when I do, I use Hyper
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And that pokeman theme is really awesome ! And I can tell it's much faster! Great, great great work guys!
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Love the extensibility too, you can also build your own plugins to add features you need


the best terminal



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Automatic upvote because I use hyper everyday! The best terminal alternative for those on the bleeding edge... been using for two years and it has really helped my web dev progression.
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