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Hey Hunters! What happens if you throw a bunch of filmmakers and engineers together to create a product? Well, see for yourself. Hyper is a curated daily short list of the best web videos (hand-picked from hundreds of uploads every day) – paired with an immersive fullscreen interface that puts video at the center of every interaction. The idea was simply to combine the best videos out there with the best interface we could dream up - Can’t wait to hear what you guys think! Today we’re also proud to announce backing by Advancit Capital, Lowercase Capital, Broadway Video Ventures, Mesa Ventures and Freelands Ventures.
@jonasbrandau Congrats on the backing! 💰💰💰
Very well done! I was lucky to be an early beta tester and Hyper is one of the most innovative video concepts currently out there with an amazing user experience. What are your next steps?
@jansenniklas Thanks Niklas! Right now our priority is to learn and to understand how to become the very best at human curation. So far, feedback has been amazing, but we already have a lots of ideas: Guest editions being one of my favorite! Guest Editions would be a blend of different topics and lists based on the opinions of prominent personalities and could be published on a weekly basis. The obvious next steps are other platform clients though.
@jonasbrandau I would be interested in viewing a variety of guest editions. Not only can you include high-profile names in sports, business, and entertainment, but maybe offer chances throughout the year for readers/viewers to hand-select videos to be featured. People who are not famous but have diverse or unique backgrounds and experiences would be very interesting to me.
@fbara Love your thoughts Frank :)
Congrats on launching this! ✌️ Had the pleasure of beta testing Hyper. Great selection of videos and really delightful interface. Rather than an unless stream of videos, you get a few handpicked, high quality videos everyday. Well worth a try!
Love the product, really well done.
It's a beautiful app, and the focus on human curation is really important (see: producthunt, twitter's project lightning, niuws, lots of companies recently actually). I really like the care they've put into gestures... if I'm watching while on the subway, doing something with tiny tap targets or fiddly buttons wouldn't work. TechCrunch says there's a iPhone version coming out, which I definitely am looking forward to: http://techcrunch.com/2015/08/26...