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Greetings Hunters! Introducing Hyper, a fun new social app designed to help you explore the topics that make you who you are. Instead of following other users, follow the areas you're into #music, #secrets, #gay #fashion, #sexy, etc. and when you've got a photo or a story to share, post it directly to the area where you think it will get the best response. A reddit-style voting/commenting system not only sends the best content to the top of each of these areas, but it also ensures that you get feedback on anything you share by a community of interested people. Launching today, available for free on iOS.
Are you limited to posting on one "area"? For example can someone #music #gamer #fashion at the same time or you must pick one? Cool app!
@laurent_sabbah Thanks Laurent! We find that picking one area per post results in more focused engagement, and therefore better content throughout. We welcome posting in multiple areas when suitable, however, and we'll see people tailor their message slightly dependent on the group. It's more effective that way.