Scavenger hunts for new & exclusive products in NYC

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This is a SUPER cool idea from @maxdoblin in NYC. :) Basically, it's a scavenger hunt, fueled by instagram for amazing new products... many are quite exclusive 😎 I'll let Max explain the finer points.
@jsneedles @maxdoblin oh man, this is going to turn into a Black Friday thing for tech enthusiasts lol! but seriously, rally cool idea, something i'd definitely be interested to try out :)
@adammarx13 thanks for kind words πŸ‘ŒWe have a hunt coming up this weekend. I've made a note in my other comment on how to get involved. Would love to see you there!
@maxdoblin @jsneedles will take a look! is it available in Atlanta? maybe someone can finally convince me to get instagram (not a huge photo junkie, so never been super into the app before).
@adammarx13 unfortunately, not yet in Atlanta. We've had a bunch of requests for ATL, though. Just getting our toes wet in NYC and have some big plans to come.
What's going on PH. Thanks for hunting us @jsneedles πŸ™Œ. I'm one of the Founders at Hypeist. We help brands create a frenzy around new and exclusive products through scavenger hunts. We hide goods like sneakers and artwork -- you hunt them down, you keep them. We launched in NYC a few months ago and have been running hunts through our Instagram account (instagram.com/hypeist). When a hunt drops, we release brand-relevant, location-based clues leading fans to hidden products. This Sunday we're hiding a pair of one of the most coveted sneakers - Kanye West's Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 (selling at +$1k on eBay). However, we're only inviting a limited amount of Hypeists to the hunt, and you'll have to prove you're a true Kanye fan to get an invite. We've opened up a private challenge for Product Hunters at Hypeist.com/yeezmas-ph, so get ready to flex your Kanye knowledge in order to reserve your spot. Look forward to seeing some of you out in the wild. Happy to answer any questions + always looking for great feedback!
Really creative use of Instagram, @maxdoblin. How do people win the product exactly? The first one to show up at the secret location? Added to my invisible apps collection. cc @iansilber
@rrhoover thanks man. Instead of hiding the product (reward), we hide tokens, which are redeemable for the rewards. Tokens can take many forms -- locks, art pieces, stickers -- etc. Once someone finds a token, they take a photo of it and DM it to us on Insta. We'll hit them back and let them know where they can snag their reward. Sometimes we have a drop spot (starting point for the hunt), sometimes we don't. It's first come, first serve in terms of finding tokens.
@maxdoblin brilliant - was just wondering what you would do with larger items
@rrhoover love the invisible app collection. This team was a few years after me at @SyracuseU and like most students full of ideas and short on tech. But instead of just lamenting they built a real business. Love the idea of standing on shoulders of giants and building on top of Instagram.
@passingnotes allows us to get pretty creative with the tokens, too!
@maxdoblin I see some really cool potentials for this with another startup i know of. Hit me up!
@15greenberg love to hear that. Shooting you over a DM on Twitter right now.
Is it only advertising of instagram account?