Connecting podcasts with advertisers

HypeCast is a simple matching service to connect advertisers and brands with podcasts.

How it works?

Podcasts simply provide their info and sign up using our form and get added to our database.

Advertisers fill out a form describing the types of podcasts they would be interested in and we will find them the perfect match from our database.

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Hi everyone! I am excited to share HypeCast with you today. My goal is to solve four problems - - Help podcasters monetize their content - Help advertisers find perfect, niche audiences to hype their brands through audio - Help podcasts find other podcasts for collaborative shows and cross promotion - Make podcast advertising accessible and simple for small businesses How it works Podcasters can submit their podcast (and additional info) to our database. Advertisers can submit their requirements and we will make the connection. Also, as a special offer for Product Hunt users, both podcasters and advertisers can pay what they want for the service. Just put the code PH2018 in the 'Additional Info' field on the form. I thoroughly enjoyed this project so far and I am looking forward to continuing it. Looking forward to your feedback!
@paraj_mathur How does this differ from podtrac?
@mlsj1 Hi Mario, Thanks for your question. We are positioning this product to make podcast advertising more accessible to small businesses as opposed to large companies. Similarly, we want to provide small/new/niche podcasts, an opportunity to monetize their content. Today, we are a simple matching service but we will grow our platform to become the go-to-podcast advertising platform for small businesses.