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#5 Product of the DayOctober 20, 2018

I know what you're going to say - another "linking service" lol, but I made made Hype Link because I wasn't satisfied with other services. I run multiple brands/accounts and need to be able to control all of my pages with one link. There are also several other cool features. Feature walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLbErAoXB30

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I've been designing and coding this for a few months (here and there after work). My first time using Stripe to implement a subscription system! Would love your feedback on how to improve the product. Thanks for trying it out!
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@iamcoreyg Great idea! Ever since I've seen Gleam in action I've always thought their contest interface/style could very easily be used by a maker/influencer to activate their audience. Kind of like a more modern version of that 'share page' template that Tim Ferriss (@tim1) introduced in his Hacking Kickstarter post a while back: I'd definitely look at the featureset gleam provides if you were looking to elevate this a bit. They've got a pretty slick interface, but I think there are a few features there you could capitalise on too (if you haven't got them already): * E-mail capture for newsletter signup * Twitter integration that actually pops up the twitter follow authorisation * "Tweet about us" that gives the user an option to tweet from default messages (or choose their own) * Sharing specific content to Facebook (not sure you can still do this - pretty sure that share page template doesn't work anymore)
Looks like quite a lot of functionality is packed into hypel.ink There is a basic website builder, integration with GA and FB pixel, own analytics, etc. Impressive 🤯 Great walkthrough video too 😸
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It’s great And has everything I need to post all my platforms in one place.


Easy to use and reasonably priced premium account.


wasnt created sooner!

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Glad to hear!
Love the product! It is a great utility that I’m sure many people can use!
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@ai_c5 Thank you!
its really good and so easy to use but i noticed a bug links for integration help (FB Pixel ) and (google analytics) are mixed . i.e FB pixel help is google analytics help
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