Hylia - Eleventy Starter Kit

A light Eleventy starter kit with Netlify CMS pre-configured

Hylia is a lightweight Eleventy starter kit with Netlify CMS pre-configured, so that you can one-click install a progressive, accessible blog in minutes. It also gives you a well organised starting point to extend yourself.
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I just created a new website in less than an hour! For Free!! I'm truly amazed... Can't wait to hit Publish on my first post. Well done Andy :)
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@camila_waz Amazing. Thank you, Camila!
How do I access backend panel. I don't get there when adding my email & password on the popup. Do I create another user besides myself?
@frg_randy Hey Randy! It's {yourURL}/admin
@hankchizljaw Thanks, I should have thought of my old textpattern days. Cheers!
@frg_randy No worries :)