Hykso 2.0

Tiny sensors that track punches for better training

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Thanks @Justinkan for the Hunt! Hello Denizens of Product Hunt! At Hykso we’ve been hard at work building out our product and we wanted to come back to all of you with an update on our product! Since pre-launching on Product Hunt last year we’ve completed 3 full production runs of the hardware and we’ve also created the iOS app and the Android app. We listened to our users and built out some new features for Hykso 2.0! Hykso is a Punch Tracking Hardware (Wearable) that goes under the wrist wraps and tracks Punch Count, Punch Velocity and Intensity Score. Features! - Live Screen (Punch Count, Velocity and Intensity for the current round) - Quick Start session to start tracking your workout quickly - Workout Feed that features all your training sessions - Progression Graphs for the current session on the Live Screen (New) - Setup pre-determined Drills with set number of rounds, round duration and pause duration (New) - Track your progression on Drills (New) - Share your workouts with beautiful pictures you take overlaid with your punch stats (New) - Export function to get detailed CSVs of each session (New) Some users we’ve discovered using us include UFC Legend Daniel Cormier (UFC Light Heavyweight Champion), Cris “Cyborg” Justino (Strikeforce and Invicta FC Featherweight Champion, signed to UFC), John Wayne Parr (10X Muay Thai Champion), the US, Canadian, and Chinese Olympic Boxing teams and Wesley Snipes (THE BLADE!!!!). We have also partnered with the new UFC Performance Institute so that all UFC fighters can use Hykso in the UFC’s new high-tech training facility for their training camps. For the PH Community the link brings you to a custom landing page that offers you a 5% discount! https://www.hykso.com/producthunt/ Ask me anything I would love to chat (I’m the guy who handles the machine learning and motion tracking algorithms and basically anything data related)!
@justinkan @patchandlermtl Awesome! Been waiting to hear about 2.0 for a long time. I'm going to order 2 x packs today. Time to hit the gym again! Good luck with the Hunt! :)
@privard Thanks Phil, there's a special Buy One Get One half off deal on the website too!
@patchandlermtl Now that's my kind of deal, you know me well @patchandlermtl Hi from Montreal with <3!
Amazing product!!! Congrats on launching the 2.0 version :D will order mine now!
I have been follow Hykso now for nearly 2 years. These guys have something very special. Go buy yourself some trackers and you will not regret it.
@joel_cettina Thanks Joel, glad you've been with us the whole way through!
Hykso is a game changer! Amazing product and a great team behind it.
I absolutely love this product. I train with them every time I go to the gym. Being able to count my punches has been a long wish of mine. You can't count them yourself when your too focused on punching. This is the perfect solution from hobbyist boxers to pro's. I started at around 1000 punches per session and now I'm up to 4500. My progress, speed, power and technique have improved exponentially since getting these.
@polygrafix That's awesome to hear, I always enjoy seeing your stats posted on the Community page!