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Hello Citizens of Product Hunt! At Hykso our goal is to allow boxers/martial artists to track combat specific metrics in order to train better and smarter. In order to do this we created a sensor that is placed under the wraps which does full motion tracking on each individual punch to determine the type, speed and intensity. We spent two years developing a system that processes all the dynamic motions of each hand on-chip, and sends it to a smartphone. We can then see all the patterns of the training, such as the breaking point at which your punch speeds drop significantly, which punch you throw the most and the least, as well as the intensity of the training and whether or not it was more intense than the previous one. We began with a product used by professionals (which is where we got a lot of the breakthrough ideas of what metrics we need to track) and broadcasting stats to live fights, and now we want everyone to be able to see what separates them from the professional fighters and what they can work on to get better. I’m part of a wonderful team of athletes/engineers who have more fun than we’ve ever had building these sensors for people to learn more about themselves and to improve in all ways. Emotional Product Video: https://youtu.be/N8E2IkwbakU (An hour before we release it to the rest of the world) Ask me anything (especially data related) I would love to chat!
@patchandlermtl I need this in my life. Will be taking you up on that offer soon. Will post my finding here too. Thanks for making this.
Out of all the pros you have gotten to try these out and use their names on your site, how many use them for every session?
@bentossell We have around 20 professional athletes using it during almost every session. They especially love using it during sparring where the high level coaches would have 2-4 people with clickers manually counting each type of punch, we do it automatically and give them speed and more!
@patchandlermtl what has been the most common reason for pros not wanting to use it every session?
@bentossell Not every session for them is necessarily about their punch output or speed (sometimes its a focus on technique, and they slow it down so the data would be useless for the most part anyway), so they don't bother putting on the sensors, because the coach does need to spend a few moments to connect them and start recording.
@patchandlermtl okay so every sessions that is about their punch output or speed they wear the sensors?
@bentossell Our coaches and athletes are usually starving for data about their training, so it's rare they don't use it.
Did a show on these chaps when they won the Montreal Startup Festival last year! Have a listen: http://smallrooms.coffee/hykso
Been following this great team for a year now and the work they made is amazing. They traveled the States to build their product with professional athletes who are now using the Hykso sensor in their trainings! Love the team and the product!
@gregoireboismtl Thanks Gregoire! We all miss Montreal, we'll be back to visit soon!
I would love to hear all your thoughts on our tech, or questions on it's applications from Professional Athletes and Broadcasting to Full Gym Integration and Personal Tracking! Also, if you have any cool thoughts on how you would use our sensors, I have personally been using them for a bunch of cool projects like helping a local university on research on the differences between all the martial art kicking styles!