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Ryan Kennedy — Architect, Kickdrum Technology Group
Hi there Product Hunt!

Thanks so much to @iwozzy for hunting us! I work on HYFY along with @nainish and @mdebonis.

HYFY Screen Recorder is the simplest way to record your screen and voice and share instantly anywhere your team works. Just click record and start talking. When you’re done, share it through Slack, JIRA or HipChat or just paste your video URL wherever you want.

HYFY is great for QA, Development and Support teams who work on bugs and incident reports, Product Managers who want to record demos, trainers and teachers who want to record a library of lessons, or Sales teams who need custom collateral.

HYFY does not depend on any plugins or applets like Flash or Java and works great on Chromebooks or Chromeboxes. Video recordings are stored locally during recording, then uploaded automatically to your HYFY library so they are ready for instant sharing via copy/paste of a link.

We also wrote a Medium article to explain our approach better: https://medium.com/hyfy/killing-...

We believe that HYFY is the fastest and easiest way to capture and share video of your screen.
Ivan Dimitrov — Growth Hacker @ pCloud
@ryankennedy hello Ryan love HYFY! Can I have your email please? I will write in Twitter DM :)
Ryan Kennedy — Architect, Kickdrum Technology Group
@proffi Sure - you can reach me at ryan@hyfy.io
Ahmad Awais — Full Stack WordPress Dev & UI/UX Guy!
@ryankennedy Awesome sauce!
Ryan Kennedy — Architect, Kickdrum Technology Group
@mrahmadawais Thanks Ahmad! How are you using HYFY?
Donald Nguyen — iOS App Developer & Tinkerer
I just skimmed over your features. What's your differences/advantages over OpenTest?
Ryan Kennedy — Architect, Kickdrum Technology Group
@tyrantboy Great question! While we both offer simple recording and unlimited storage for videos, there are a couple of big advantages for us:
1. HYFY is designed for primarily for teams so we have direct integrations with Slack, JIRA and HipChat, with more on the way
2. HYFY offers a PRO version that supports full screen or window recording - OpenTest only supports a single tab right now
3. HYFY users can signup/login with existing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Github, Microsoft and Google accounts.
4. We feel our design is simpler, faster and easier to use.

Some areas where OpenTest stands out - they provide unlimited recording time, whereas we limit it to encourage short videos and control storage costs. Also, they support recording your webcam and we don't offer that at this time.

I hope that helps!
Paul Wozniak — Product @ LoopUp
@tyrantboy Also, with OpenTest there is no way to remove the little gray circle in the bottom left hand side of the screen. If you don't want to record your video it's obscuring content and it's distracting.

I feel like OpenTest is perfect for it's use case, which is slightly different from HYFY. Right now, for simple one click screen recording and sharing HYFY is winning.
Ryan Kennedy — Architect, Kickdrum Technology Group
@iwozzy @tyrantboy Thanks Paul - I happen to agree with you. Although I do think OpenTest's implementation is pretty cool, we haven't heard many users ask for the webcam piece, so we've de-prioritized it to focus on more business/team features.
Shahed Khan — Founder @ Opentest. Prev @ Upfront VC
@ryankennedy @tyrantboy Hey Ryan & Donald -- Shahed here, one of the founders of Opentest. Hyfy looks like a cool recording tool that offers a lot of the features that will be part of Openvid's 2.0 release. I love the simplicity that has been built in the product. Makes it easily understandable to anyone who randomly lands on your homepage.

Even though there are a lot of similarities between the two products, at the end of the day, it proves there is a real problem being solved here. Collaboration within teams is difficult, Openvid and Hyfy are trying to take out that frustration by bringing video to the workplace.

Congrats on the launch! 🎉
Ryan Kennedy — Architect, Kickdrum Technology Group
@_shahedk @tyrantboy Hi Shahed, it's great to meet you! We've definitely paid attention to the work you've been doing with Opentest/Openvid - we were so excited when you launched to see someone else chasing the same very real problem in an innovative way.

I very much respect and appreciate the kind words from a potential competitor (or maybe collaborator?). Best of luck to you and your team!

PS - I think we might need some advice on Product Hunt launch strategy for our 3.0 launch. :-)
Paul Wozniak — Product @ LoopUp
@tyrantboy One more difference / advantage over OpenTest, and I say this with much love and respect for both products, is the quality of the recording. HYFY records super crisp videos all the up to 4k resolution.

Here's a side by side:

HYFY - https://app.hyfy.io/v/ab8AphLoml/
OpenTest - https://www.opentest.co/share/d7...

To be fair, OpenTest videos are available immediately after you're finished recording where as with HYFY you may have to wait a little bit depending on the size and resolution.

Personally I feel that any delay is negligible and I do appreciate the higher quality.
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