Can you solve the mystery?

Hydropuzzle is a surreal superhero parody shaped into a short text puzzle adventure. You don't outrun express trains and you don’t fly through the skies though. You rather use your brain and your smartphone to hack through the story.
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My very first independent game done exactly the way I wanted. Short, bizarre, surreal, challenging, fun. Thought I would end up with less than a dozen of downloads with no reviews and interest. Now it's over 35k+ and many players seem to enjoy it. Some really hate it though ;-) See https://www.sobstel.org/hydropuz.... I had a lot of fun creating it. Hope you'll have as much fun playing it. If you're a fan of enigmatic puzzles with surreal story behind, give it a try.
Endearing little puzzle game. Beautiful, intuitive, clever design, an interesting story and achievable but non-obvious puzzles - at least for geeks :D Super short but nice. One of its kind.