Hydro Pay

Hydro Pay is the first feeless crypto payments app

Hydro Pay is the first fast and feeless app in the crypto universe. No more annoying "gas" fees or charges. Pay friends and family for food, drinks, rent, tickets, and so much more with Hydro Pay! Future Hydro Pay updates will add fiat onramp and offramp
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27 Reviews5.0/5

The solutions offered by Hydro Pay will be very useful for people and businesses. Hydro has a great community.


It is a decentralized project with many good solutions for people and businesses and it has a great community.


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I liked the idea and features of this app. Keep the good work up guys.
I really like the concept of hydro pay... gasless transaction mehn... that would be great and with this mass adoption is in sight.
I like it and great pay app for hydro!
Good and reality