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Yep, but do we actually need to "stay hydrated"? Adam had run a good take on this: http://www.trutv.com/shows/adam-...
Hydrate is a work in progress by myself, it's in a usable state, but there is so much more I want to add before I release. The reason I started developing Hydrate, was simply because I wanted to track my water intake myself. Sure, there are already apps available on the app store. But I'm a developer, so anything I want to use, I try to make myself. The beta is open today, and you can sign up on the website (http://chrishannah.me/hydrate/). The build has been sent to TestFlight/Apple so it won't be long. But hopefully, with your guys help, it can be moulded into a great water intake app!
Good on you for having a crack...and it's something we all really should be monitoring....even though it's a chore....!
Interesting to see a new product in this field. I've been using for a while the Waterbalance app, and I know the space a bit. The question is always what does it mean to be hydrated, is it only about drinking pure water? What about green and herbal tea, and other types of drinks? Is you focus on water intake only?
Cool! Relatable. I drink way to less.