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Hydrant is a simple hydration mix designed to combat the dehydration we experience through modern routines. It has minimal ingredients to get the maximum function and flavor, with no artificial colors or flavors, and no diet sweeteners.

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John Sherwin
Hydrant. @Quartzy, @Oxford Bio
Hey everybody, happy to be on PH and thanks @_jacksmith for the hunt πŸ™πŸ½ Hydrant was born out of a desire for a better hydration product, and a frustration with the "elixir" type claims that many new beverages have. This is not a sports drink. It's based on ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) products, frequently used for treating dehydration in the developing world. We've taken an old concept and adapted it for modern purposes and a better taste. Modern routines are dehydrating, which impacts cognition and leads to fatigue. Whether it's working out, drinking for work, drinking socially, your annual flu or food poisoning from last night, we've designed a product that you can rely on to get you back to πŸ’― We're launching our crowdfunding campaign in November, and putting Hydrant through some hardcore testing in the meantime. Sign up for a free sample on the website, and send us your brutally honest feedback!
Eva ChanUI/UX, Experience Design, Growth Hacking

I was fortunate to try one of John's beta samples.. I think it was version #13. It tasted great! Very clean finish. I see myself drinking this every monday. I don't drink coffee so this is a great product for the afternoons when I'm feeling a little tired.


No Aftertaste, packets are convenient to carry around. I like that I can mix it with cold water.


Not available yet until November

Jane LeeCo-Founder Launch Pop

Received a sample and got to test it out. Convenient way to get hydrated fast and felt a lot more clear headed. Will reco this to other folks who have a busy lifestyle.


Taste, Packaging, No BS


None that I can think of

Neil Parikh
Co-founder, Casper
Philip Winter
Co-Founder/CEO, Nebia
Love this idea!
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