Hybrid Chat

Chatbots built with spreadsheets

Hybrid.chat is half-human half-bot customer support and lead generation software for real-time and personalized chat support for scaling sprouting startups and businesses.
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Hey ProductHunt Thanks @kevin for hunting us. HybridChat aims at making chatbots easier for business managers and non technical users. It makes it simple by turning your normal Google spreadsheets into a chatbot, where anything from designing chat flow, collecting leads to using spreadsheets as a database can be done to power a chatbot. Some possible use cases include: 1. Powering Live chat (through Slack or Mattermost) 2. Building conversational PPC landing pages for lead qualification 3. Automating recruitment and employee on-boarding 4. Operations automation like building quote calculators, product refund management and more. Why Google spreadsheets: 1. It’s one of the most basic software that anyone any business uses today 2. Its powerful - One can build complicated business automation and intelligence around it 3. Its easy to share and collaborate - Your bot and your team can be working on the same sheet As a special offer for Product Hunt community, we’re giving away three months free on any premium plan. Just use the code ‘PH-HC35’ at the checkout. We are excited for you to try Hybrid.Chat would love to see what you build with it and if any way we can improve upon it. Rikhi, my team and I will be here all day long to interact with you and answer any questions you have. Feel free to drop your feedback and questions in comments.
Just took it live on our Slack. It was the aesthetics of the chatbox that sold us. We are just using it for basic chat functionality, so lets see how it goes.
@ankit_arjun I am glad you like it. You can also modify the CSS shall you want and change the look and feel of the chatbox to suit your requirements. Plus, there are several ready to go templates you can play with. Feel free to reachout shall you need any help with that.
I just now loaded this. I like the Slack integration too. Nice and smooth platform.
@venki Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciated.
@venki Integration with Slack and Mattermost (opensource alternative to Slack) comes with an added advantage of extensive support to mobile devices. Both the companies are hyper focused on building a smooth business messaging platform (something that all other Live chat softwares lack), and extending these messengers to provide Live chat / Customer support / Lead Enagement on your Website / Facebook or PPC makes sense.
I know the guys that made this, and they are super sharp. Looking forward to seeing how this already good product evolves over time!
Thanks @joel_marsh for the kind words. Really appreciate it.
Thank you very much for creating this neat app and the coupon as well. Definitely going to create some apps to play around with it. Keep up with the good work!
@minjie_shi Thanks for trying out. We are excited to see what you build.